Kajian Suwung

Meditation Gathering: The Ultimate Power of Emptiness

Minggu, 25 April 20212:00 PM - 5:00 PM (Bali Time)
Banjar Umadawa - Tampak Siring
Meditation Gathering: The Ultimate Power of Emptiness

Suwung is a Javanese language that means “Total Emptiness”. It is a sacred knowledge that has been inherited from our ancestors, generation to generation. Along with the meaning, Suwung teaches people how to dive in silence, and be in total emptiness.

Guru Setyo Hajar Dewantoro is one of Suwung practitioners. He found out that the knowledge is a path of truth, and even wrote it in a book. The Guru does not only applies Suwung in daily basis, he also passes it down to his students.

Feel the calling, and learn Suwung in order to find peace and meet the truth. Let us sit together and listen to the sacred knowledge, to see how beautiful and true the legacy of our ancestor is. See you, rahayu 🙏☺️





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